Our Case Studies

With more than 30 years of knowledge on all existing water treatment products and technologies, 4 treatability laboratories in Istanbul and Bodrum, and field pilots, we offer you and your customer the most effective modular solutions for all your water-related needs, from the beginning of the project to its implementation.

Optimization of chemical treatment plants: Identification of type and right amount of coagulants and flocculants. Solving performance problems. Practise lab and pilot applications.

Identification of most suitable inline coagulant type and dosage amount for ultrafiltration unites means minimizing the clogging in UF and downstream RO membranes.

Take under control the residual aluminum or iron ions that may damage RO membranes.

Determination of the most accurate removal method for organic substances in water and wastewater.

Identification of the most suitable method for the purification or recovery of all kinds of solutions and liquids that generated in facilities.

Recovery of wastewater from regenerant or backwashing.

Reducing the clogging of UF, NF and RO membranes by determining the correct pre-treatment technologies, cycle times, correct backwash chemical, concentration and types

Analysis of ion exchange resin total capacity, operating capacity, microscopic and contamination analysis. Determine the remaining life and the need for improvement. Determining the correct type and amount of ion exchange resin.

Microbiological analysis, toxicity/ Inhibition tests and treatability studies for biological wastewater treatment plants.

Determination of the most accurate and suitable method for color removal at outlet of wastewater treatment plants.

Determining the most appropriate process for the recovery of wastewater treatment plant effluent by performing laboratory and pilot scale applications

Training of the technical personnel in the facilities on the issues that they need. Example: Correct interpretation of water and wastewater analysis, correct evaluation and identification of alkalinity in water and wastewater treatment.

Providing the solution of the problem and applied consultancy for complex problems that may arise in water & wastewater treatment, recycling and production processes.