Our Services
Our Services

Optimization of existing facilities in enterprises in the field of water, wastewater and wastewater recovery (cost reduction and technical improvement).

Solving the specific problems at the source in industrial plants.

Holistic Engineering Support and Consultancy Services: Accurate reporting, selection, sizing and implementation of all existing products and technologies in the field of water, wastewater and wastewater recycling according to needs, and continuous problem-solving support after implementation.

Performing Laboratory Scale Treatability Studies and On Site Pilot–Scale Field Applications aimed at eliminating the problems of the facilities, determining and applying the right technology.

Microbiological Analysis For Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Zero Discharge Studies.

Circular Water Management “Wastewater Is Not Waste, It Is A Valuable Resource. Process Water Used at Every Point of Production Must Be Planned Correctly From Its Source”.

Regular Theoretical And Practical Training Support.